Social Innovation Laboratory for Evaluation in Non-Profit Organizations (LaboEval)


Social Innovation Laboratory for Evaluation in Non-Profit Organizations (LaboEval)

Our laboratory provides training and resources to non-profit organizations interested in developing their evaluation capacity through individual and technical support. Our team members support organization staff as they design and implement various evaluation activities or evaluation capacity building strateiges. The first cohort of the LaboEval was launched in September 2019 and we continue to welcome organizations interested in working with us. Organizational case studies will enable our team to document the evolution of evaluation capacity in these organizations and to identify the factors that best support or hinder their development. This research project is funded by the Insight Program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Currently, we welcome organizations with French-language capability. We are working on expanding this offer to English-speaking organizations in the next few years.

We have prepared a brief information guide for organizations interested in working with us.


Participating Organizations (since 2019):

Naissance-Renaissance Outaouais

La maison-réalité

Le Gîte-Ami

Connections Resource Centre

La Passerelle

Organisme Divers-gens 

Services Kam-Aide Inc. 

Convergence action bénévole 

Moisson Outaouais 

L’Entretoise du Témiscamingue

Trans Outaouais 


Réseau des cœurs villageois

For more information on the LaboEval, or to participate, please contact Isabelle Bourgeois directly ( or David Buetti (


LaboEval Research Projects

In addition to producing organizational case studies, we have also designed other research projects to enhance our understanding and advance knowledge on organizational evaluation capacity. The following papers provide further information on these studies and will be published shortly:

  • Buetti, D., Bourgeois, I., & Jafary, M. (submitted). Examining the Competencies Required by Evaluation Capacity Builders in Community-Based Organizations. Evaluation and Program Planning.