Neutral Assessments of the Evaluation Function


Neutral Assessments of the Evaluation Function

In 2009, the Policy on Evaluation required, for the first time, that federal departments and agencies conduct a neutral assessment, every five years, of their evaluation function. This requirement was reiterated in the Policy on Results (2016) which replaced the previous policy. This assessment can be conducted in various ways and should focus on the capacity of the evaluation units to meet policy requirements. The purpose of the proposed study is to take stock of this practice since its introduction and to summarize key findings from across government. More specifically, the study will examine trends in terms of neutral assessment methodology, findings, and utilization by evaluation units and senior managers.

Overview of results

Video: Bourgeois I, Maltais S (2021) Ten Years of Neutral Assessments: What have we learned?

Presentation file :Bourgeois & Maltais – Neutral Assessments