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Affiliated Researchers

Jill Anne Chouinard, Ph.D.

Jill Anne Chouinard, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor at the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria. Her main interests are in cross-cultural/culturally responsive approaches to research and evaluation, participatory research and evaluation, and evaluation and public policy. She has extensive experience working on evaluations at the community level in the areas of education and training, social services, health, and organizational learning and change. Much of her evaluation work has been conducted in First Nations and Inuit communities, as well as in other culturally and socially diverse community settings. She positions evaluation as a catalyst for learning, collaboration, social justice and community change.

Leslie Fierro, Ph.D.

Leslie Fierro, Ph.D., is a Senior Evaluation Specialist at the International Development Research Centre. Her research interests focus on producing information that is valuable to understanding how to enhance collective capacity of nations to perform high-quality evaluations and effectively learn from them. As such, she engages with her graduate students as part of her National Evaluation Capacity Building Lab to conduct research that aids in understanding how to build evaluation capacity at different levels of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model. Prior to joining IDRC,  she was Assistant Clinical Professor at Claremont Graduate University and also worked in the private sector and public sectors. Leslie is currently the Co Editor-In-Chief for New Directions for Evaluation, co-chair for the American Evaluation Association’s Research on Evaluation Topical Interest Group, and Board Member and instructor for The Evaluator’s Institute.

Benoît Gauthier

Benoît Gauthier is a Credentialed Evaluator. His current involvement is mainly in graduate teaching in evaluation, in research on evaluation, in evaluation practice, and in indefectible support of civil society organizations (CSO) structuring the evaluation globe. Benoît has been an evaluator since 1984 – first as a federal public servant, then as a consultant. He has completed more than 500 research and intervention assignments including more than 100 evaluations. He teaches in program evaluation at École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP), where he is an adjunct professor, and Carleton University. Over the years, he has also taught at University of Ottawa and Université du Québec en Outaouais. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University. He has provided training in the United States, Australia, Sénégal, Morocco, Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, and South Africa. Benoît has completed several research projects on evaluation practice in Canada. Some have led to publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is the joint editor of the textbook entitled Recherche sociale : de la problématique à la collecte des données, an introduction to social research, which has gone through six French editions so far and one Portuguese edition. He is keenly interested in the dynamics of the use of evaluation at the moment. Benoît is invested personally in the Canadian Evaluation Society, the Réseau francophone de l’évaluation, the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation, and EvalPartners since the turn of the century. He has taken on roles of Treasurer, Vice-President, and President in these CSOs. Benoît holds master’s degrees in political science and in public administration from Université Laval and from ENAP. He has completed course work and comprehensive examinations toward a doctorate in political science at Carleton University. Over the years, he has acquired the Credentialed Evaluator, Certified Marketing Research Professional, and Certified Management Consultant certifications.

Rebecca Gokiert, Ph.D.

Rebecca Gokiert, Ph.D. is Associate Professor at the University of Alberta. She completed her PhD in Measurement, Evaluation, and Cognition through the Centre for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation (CRAME) at the University of Alberta. Rebecca is a Registered Psychologist in the Province of Alberta, and provides consultation and individual assessment to school boards within Alberta. Rebecca joined the Community-University Partnership for the Study of Children, Youth, and families (CUP) in 2006 to lead the development of the Early Childhood Measurement and Evaluation portfolio. Within this portfolio, she mentors research staff and students in conducting community-based research and evaluation projects, community consultation, and disseminating knowledge about early childhood research and measurement. Rebecca’s work is aimed at being responsive to the early childhood communities measurement needs by providing access to educational opportunities and resources. Rebecca’s current teaching and research focuses on community engagement, partnership development and sustainability, and is primarily in collaboration with early childhood stakeholders, immigrant, refugee and First Nation communities.

Sebastian Lemire

Sebastian Lemire, Ph.D., is Associate at Abt Associates. He brings over 15 years of experience managing research and evaluation projects for public and private sector organizations. His broad range of evaluation and applied studies covers the fields of education, market development, workforce development, and social welfare.

Maziar Jafary

Maziar Jafary is part-time professor at the faculty of social sciences and the faculty of arts of University of Ottawa. He started his PhD studies in sociology at the School of sociological and anthropological studies of University of Ottawa on 2016 and is currently in the last phase of writing his PhD thesis and anticipates finalizing it on 2022. Maziar has already multiple research and teaching experiences in different faculties and departments of University of Ottawa and University of French Ontario and he has broad knowledge in qualitative and quantitative methods in human and social sciences. Research interests of Maziar include the evaluations of community organizations, social responsibilities of enterprises, sociology of education, sociology of managerial studies, and socio-economic mutations of South and South-East Asia.

Affiliated Students

David Buetti

David Buetti, MSS is currently completing his doctorate in population health at the University of Ottawa. He is supervised by Dr. Sébastien Savard and Dr. Isabelle Bourgeois. His research work focuses on evaluation capacity building practices and strategies in community-based organizations offering health and social services. Mr. Buetti’s work is supported by the Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec.

Jane Whynot

Jane Whynot has been a consultant providing evaluation and performance measurement expertise to both the government and voluntary sectors for approximately two decades. She currently serves as the Past-President of the Canadian Evaluation Society’s National Capital Chapter (CES-NCC), is an instructor at Carleton University’s Graduate Program in Evaluation (Evaluation Design/Implementation and Qualitative Methods in Evaluation), is the book review editor of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Ottawa. Jane has a Master’s Degree in Evaluation and Assessment, and undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology. Jane comes by her area of research, integrating gender-based analysis in the federal government’s evaluation function naturally, always having been interested in how representations of diversity are accounted for in performance stories. She also serves as a reviewer for the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, the American Journal of Evaluation, Evaluation and Program Planning on the subjects of evaluation mentoring, capacity building, and theory-based approaches.